lucky patcher Pro Apk full version download

all about of lucky patcher full version download link of Pro Apk Official Version 2018. The Lucky Patcher is a must-have Android app that helps the android users in cracking almost any app and game. The app gives you control over all the apps that are already installed on your android device.

What is Lucky Patcher?

if you using the lucky patcher, you can alter app permissions, remove irritating ads, create a backup of the installed apps, hack Google’s credit system and perform many more tasks. Though all the features of the app work optimally with a rooted device, some of its features work in non-rooted devices also.

There are many avid gamers and app lovers who look for ways to hack apps so that they can enjoy premium features for free. However, hacking appears hard to them as it involves various difficult steps. Lucky Patcher serves as a boon in this case. The hacking process using the app is uncomplicated which involves few easy-to-follow steps. You can crack almost any game or app via Lucky Patcher. The app is regularly updated so that it can create patches to hack even the latest app. This app can easily perform in-app purchases as it is programmed to bypass the credit checking system of Google.

It is not available in Google Play store by virtue of being a hacking app. However, you can download its apk file from trustworthy online sources. The apk file has a size of 7.8 MB and works with Android Gingerbread and all the other advanced versions. Lucky Patcher is a multilingual app that aids in unlocking game resources, changing permissions, hacking in-app purchases and many more. Lucky Patcher is regarded as a virus by Google and you may even find warning messages, but this app is totally safe for your device.

Full Features of the Lucky Patcher Application:

Lucky Patcher is one of the best hacking tools. It lets you control almost any app installed on your device. The app is regularly updated to be compatible with all the latest Android smartphones. The various incredible features of the app include:
In-app purchases

  • free in-app purchases

Many game resources like weapons, characters, coins, gems and other resources are locked and can be unlocked only by paying for them. Similarly, the apps come with advanced features that can be enjoyed only after you get premium (paid) access. Using Lucky Patcher, you can easily bypass the payment interface and enjoy all the paid features and resources for free.
It can be used to remove unwanted Google ads

  • remove ads

Many times, when we use some apps and games, we find that many irritating ads pop up in between. These ads disturb the continuity and even waste our time. However, you can easily remove all the annoying Google ads or any network ads by using Lucky Patcher.
It facilitates to move the apps to SD card and free internal memory

  • move apps to sd card

Our smartphones come with limited internal memory. The phone functions optimally when its internal storage has sufficient empty space. However, Android apps occupy too much of internal space. So, the best way to free internal memory will be to move the apps to the SD card. This can be done by using Lucky Patcher.
Convert apps to system apps

  • convert user apps to system apps

System apps are those apps that come pre-installed on our device. These apps cannot be removed from our device. Lucky Patcher aids you in converting the installed app on your smartphone to system apps so that you never lose your favorite app.
Remove license verification

  • remove license verification

Many times, when we download apps from unknown sources then a verification error occurs. Using Lucky Patcher, you can easily fix this error and enjoy any app downloaded from third-party sources.
Lucky Patcher creates a backup of files and folders

  • take backup

Sometimes we need to keep our important files and apps secure. This can be done by creating their backup. Lucky Patcher helps in creating a backup of all the important files and saving them in external files. You can then import these files to either cloud or to any device. In this way, you can retrieve the file from multiple locations. This feature works with non-rooted devices as well.
Custom Patches

  • custom patches

Lucky Patcher offers custom patches for various apps. These patches can be used to modify the apps and to change their features and functionality.
Requirements Of Lucky Patcher App:

The apk file is available on several sources. But before downloading, it is essential to know the basic requirements of the app in order to ensure that it works optimally. The general requirements of Lucky Patcher are as follows:

As it is used for hacking, so you’ll have to root your device before installing it. Though it can even work with non-rooted devices but if you wish to fully enjoy all its features, then it is advisable to root your device.
The app is compatible with smartphones having an Android Gingerbread and other latest versions. It also supports Windows 7 and above
For Lucky Patcher to function optimally, the RAM of your device should at least have a capacity of 2GB
The device should have free internal memory of 10 GB

The app also seeks certain permissions from smartphones. These include:

The app seeks permission to alter system settings and draw over/patch other apps
It seeks permission to read SD card’s content
To modify the contents of the memory card
Approximate location based on network and precise location based on GPS

Apk Name Lucky Patcher
Version 7.3.6
Supported On Android 2.3+
File Size 7.46MB

How to use Lucky Patcher Apk:

The process to install Lucky Patcher is quite simple. The app can be installed in both rooted and non-rooted devices. It is advisable to root your device before installing the app as that will help you to enjoy all the features. Rooting of the device can be done by using Kingroot application. After rooting the device, follow the steps below:

Step 1:

First of all,

download Lucky Patcher Apk. The app is not available on Google Play as it is a hacking tool. So, you’ll have to download its apk file. The apk file of Lucky Patcher can be downloaded from below button.

download apk from mediafire

After downloading, search for the file and click on it. Now, you’ll find that the app is not getting installed. What is preventing it? As Lucky Patcher is a third-party tool so smartphones settings prevent such installations by default. So, in order to install this app, you’ll have to adjust the settings.

Step 2:

Go to the settings menu and then navigate to ‘Lock screen and security’. Next, you’ll have to scroll down and navigate to the option of ‘unknown sources’. Click on the option and enable the installation by swiping right.

enable unknown sources

Step 3:

After modifying your phone’s settings, the next step would be to locate the Lucky Patcher apk and install it. You can find the file in downloads list or you can also look for it in the file manager. In case your smartphone does not have its file manager, then you’ll have to download any other file manager offered by third-party sources or from Playstore.

look for apk in file manager

Step 4: After you find apk file of Lucky Patcher, click on it. It will prompt you to install the app. Click on ‘Install’. As soon as you’ll click on install, a warning message will pop up which says that the app can damage your device and even deduct your money. Ignore the message to proceed with the installation process. For this, click on ‘Install anyway’.

install lucky patcher apk installation blocked of lucky patcher

Next, you’ll have to wait for the completion of the process. The process may take a minute. Post that, you’ll see the ‘Installed’ status on the screen. Now, you can open the app directly and start enjoying its features.

installing lucky patcher lucky patcher finally installed

How to perform in-appss purchases using Lucky Patcher APK:

Best thing about Lucky Patcher is that it is a hassle-free app. You can easily install the app and perform in-app purchases and control other apps. The app is programmed to bypass Google’s payment system. You can easily enjoy all the premium apps for free. For this, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1:

Launch the Lucky Patcher app. From the list of installed app, select the app whose in-app purchases you’d like to hack.

free in-app purchases different options available

Step 2:

Next, from the available options of the app, choose ‘create modified apk file’

create modified apk

Step 3:

choose the option of ‘rebuilt for in-app and LVL emulation’ and wait for sometime

different modded app options

Step 4:

click on ‘rebuild the app’ and wait for some time for the app to be rebuilt rebuild the app clash of clans modded using lucky patcher

Step 5:

Next, go to file and tap on ‘ install and uninstall’. After that you’ll have to first uninstall the original app and then install the rebuilt or modified apk. This step is essential for non-rooted device

install and uninstall options in lucky patcher

Step 6:

open the modified app and make any of the in-app purchases

Step 7:

On selecting the in-app purchases, a message of ‘In App purchases hack’ will pop up. Tap on ‘Yes’ to proceed. This will bypass the payment system and your purchase will be made for free. So you have successfully hacked the in-app purchases. Similarly, you can bypass the app purchases of any app using the same method. The process of rebuilding the app is essential for non-rooted devices.